Redye Chanel Bag: Beige or Black

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  1. Just so you know, my reissue had no discernable change to the texture and absolutely no indication at all that it had been dyed. No odor, nothing. He really is very good! He took the bag from brown to black. :smile:
  2. That's amazing news! :amazed: The bar has truly been set. This comment just strengthened my confidence in him. Thank you for the reassurance :biggrin:
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  3. Beige!
  4. Black! Safer outcome for a redye job and there are so many shades of beige that even if he does a good job, it may not turn out to be what you like/want.
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  5. Hi everyone! If anybody's curious in what I chose in the end, I decided to follow my heart and went for beige (even though majority chose black making it so difficult to choose in the end). To avoid it getting dirty too soon I've also decided to just use it occasionally. Also when rumors of the price hike started circling I decided to pull the trigger and purchase the black version (the popular vote!) as well and now I'm glad I did. Thank you for everyone's input and for helping a newbie out. And please check Leather Pros out. Mark has certainly done a remarkable job and deserves all the accolades :heart: He even successfully dyed the interior which I notice a lot of places avoid to do. He truly is a gem :P Thank you and stay safe! Anyway here's a comparison picture :biggrin:


    IMG_3977 copy.jpg A00D02DB-A57D-4D68-92B9-D85362A199CA.jpeg
  6. How exciting! Looks amazing, do you mind me asking how much it cost? Did he do any other work on the bag or just the redye?
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  7. It looks amazing!!!
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  8. Your bag looks amazing! Yay! Enjoy it!
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  9. Will definitely do! :smile:
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    Thank you thank you! :smile:
    EDIT: I forgot to mention that if he does stumble upon things that need fixing while examining it in person, he'll contact you first before proceeding (I know that's common sense but I had past experience with people just going through with things and adding additional charges without my permission)

    Hi! Thank you :smile: I don't mind at all. Here's the breakdown:
    $200 - Fixing scuffs, scratches, stripping the dye and refinishing (this bag has been redyed before and wasn't done well because it felt like it was painted on)
    $100 - Replacing the strap (it was in pretty bad shape, the leather was really dirty and the chain itself wasn't in good condition either)
    $100 - To dye to a different color (otherwise redying it to its original color would be part of the $200 stated above)
    You pay for your own shipping to the shop but he covers the return shipping (any insurance is an additional cost). Overall I think the price was fair especially because the bag wasn't in good condition when I first got it. It was ultimately cheaper for me to have it repaired and I'm glad I did. Overall this bag plus the repair cost me ~$1,900 so no regrets :smile:

    Good luck and stay safe :smile:
  11. Thank you so so much for the detailed response:smile: I have two bags that need some tlc that I’ve been thinking about sending out. This makes my decision very easy, your bag is stunning. Definitely post your new black beauty when she arrives too! Congrats to you:heart:
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  12. Wow this made me tempted to get a redyed classic flap from pearly dark beige to beige clair! Congrats on your new bags!
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  13. Wow, it's so smooth and even, it looks like a totally different bag! Congratulations to you, and well done to Mark! Good call on the beige!
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  14. Amazing! It looks beautiful and brand new!!
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  15. Of course! Your bags will be in great hands and I'm glad I could help :biggrin: :heart:
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