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REDy for my instant B-day reveal?


Apr 1, 2010
This year I turned a year older, I won't say my age but lets just say it's a number I am not too thrilled with!!!

I won't make this a super long reveal, just took some pictures of my birthday gifts DH bought me and some I bought myself!

First is the new Mono Cosmetic Pouch GM & Pomme Vernis Cles



Oct 9, 2010
Gorgeous! I have the Bleu Infini Cles/Key Pouch and I decided the other day that it is the most useful LV that I own right now! And the prettiest I think! I am fast becoming a Vernis lover! The pomme is gorgeous....and the GM cosmetic case is STUNNING! I have it in pm but would love the larger one for travel. Congrats and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon: In honor of my special little boy who loves balloons, I'm giving you a bouquet of them. If only they would bunch up and actually look like a bouquet! LOL!