Redundant Purchases?

  1. Have any of you ever BADLY wanted to buy a piece that is really similar to something you already own? I feel so silly and know it would be a waste of money, but lately, I've really been wanting these pieces and today I went and had them put on hold for me:

    (Dilema #1) Framboise Agenda - Its the last one left at the store and its sooo cute! Problem: I already have a Medium-sized Damier agenda that I use and it IS more practical because it can hold more and you can write more in it. But the Framboise Agenda is the small size and it fits nicely into a purse. I guess the Damier one is good for work and the Framboise one is good for everyday, go-everywhere use. But I can't figure out how to use 2 agendas at the same time??? Does anyone else use 2 agendas???

    (Dilema #2) Denim Speedy Noe - I've had my Denim Baggy PM for a year now, but pretty much right after I bought it, I've wished I bought the Speedy instead! They're way too similar to keep both. Should I try selling my Baggy PM first before purchasing the Speedy or should I just get over it because it's just a silly waste of money???

  2. Yes, I bought 2 agendas on Saturday and everyone thought I was silly cuz I don't need 2! First I bought the monogram small ring agenda, and then I bought the mandarin mini agenda just cuz it would be my last change to get a mandarin piece!

    I decided to exchange the monogram agenda for the red epi pochette...and am considering exchanging the mandarin agenda for a white MC wapity!
  3. Dilema #1 Why not get the framoise and use it as a wallet? A few of use here have gotten a zipper piece for them and use it to hold bills and coins. It has slots for c/c and you can just put note paper refill in it :smile:

    You can also do as you suggest, one for work and one for personal. provided the two don't overlap.

    (Dilema #2) I have both and love it. I on the other hand like my baggy more then the speedy.
    I tend to use my speedy when i dont have kids with me or not planning on shopping. Tend to carry the baggy more when shopping with the kids. I'm a total shoulder bag gal :shame: I got my speedy (wait list) when it forst came out otherwise I would have just went for the baggy.

    what color is your baggy ?
  4. I have 2 speedys both 25's. One is mono and the other is cerise. I bought the mono first because I really wanted the cerise one but didn't think I would ever get one, so I figured the mono would be the next best thing. Then I walked into the LV store one day and there was a cerise speedy! I had to buy it, even though I already had a speedy.

    I don't think it's silly to have a Denim Baggy PM and a Denim Neo Speedy. They are 2 different bags that are just made of the same fabric. Also one is a shoulder bag and one is a handbag, so they have different uses. I personally don't see what you could do with 2 agendas though, but maybe someone else will have a suggestion for you.
  5. Since you got the agendas in two different "colours"... were you thinking of getting a different colour for the speedy noe or the same? I agree with whatzerface that they have different uses so even if you get the same colour it's not that bad... besides.. from your post it sounds like you really want the speedy!

    Redundant purchases are only troublesome when there are other bags that are very different from what you already have that you would want just as much! :smile:
  6. Yep, unfortunately my Baggy is in the blue denim and the Neo Speedy I want is also in blue denim. Other than the lenghth of the strap and the slightly different shape, they're REALLY similar :smile:

    I might try to sell my Baggy either on Marketplaza (still waiting for a reply to my application though), or on Ebay. Kinda nervous about selling on Ebay though, cause I've never used Ebay before.

    So Arnott, you bought 2 agendas but you're keeping neither of them? heee..that's funny :graucho: but at least you'll have more fun shopping!
  7. What about getting a green or pink neo speedy, that would make it a little different. I saw a green neo today, it was beautiful! :love: I am thinking of eventually getting a blue baggy GM and I already have a green baggy PM, so obviously I don't think there is anything wrong with redundancy. If you love something, then stock up!:graucho:
  8. Yes, just went through this with the charm items and the blue antigua I ordered.

    I really wanted the white shoes, even though I had the taupe and I had the cles and the SA was wrapping it up....when I said....'ya know....' and got the pouchette at least the sets would be exact.

    On the Antigua I loved the blue and almost bought it before, but decided on the Brown since it matched the charm taupe so well.

    I really find myself using the brown a lot, so decided I would be sorry later if I get the blue....

    So I know exactly how your thinking, but I think if you love it, you should go for it!
  9. I agree with Steph about getting the neo speedy in a different color. I saw it in green recently and I think it's gorgeous and possibly even better than the blue (since everyone has the blue neo anyway, at least here).
  10. I have a mono and damier speedy 25 and mono and damier papillon 30. I know I'm buying the same style but just can't help myself since I like the style too much. As long as you like it, why not?
  11. Not really. I buy things I use often in multiples all the time!:yes: As long as you use the item, it's not really a waste of $$$, IMO.
  12. Yup!! I want all the vuitton pochettes! :nuts:
  13. Thanks for your opinions. I think I'll get it since I've wanted it for so long! Although I think the pink and green is nice too, I'll still probably end up with the blue denim, simply because I think it'll be easier to match regardless of what colour clothing I wear. In the meantime, i'll see if I have any luck trying to sell my Baggy Pm.

    As for the agenda....I was thinking, maybe use the bigger one strictly at the office and the Framboise one would be the one I carry around in my purse for personal use. Does that work? :graucho:

    BTW, any of you members of the Marketplaza or ever bought anything from there? I applied to get in, but haven't heard back from the administrators yet!
  14. Please read the requirements concerning the MP -