1. I just won a pink abbey on eBay recently and now am looking at the new Britt in white trim. Would it be too much to have both since they both have white trim? Or should I look into getting the Britt with brown trim instead? Also I've already got the pouchette with the bug charm from last year in off-white trim (can't remember the name). Any opinions/thoughts are appreciated!
  2. uummmmm i am a sucker for buying the same thing in different colours...!!
  3. It's all in what you like.. I have had a few monograms with white trim. I'm just drawn to that combination.
  4. How about the britt leather tote. They are on sale now. I like different looks but both of the bags are great
  5. I'm more of a monogram fan :heart::heart:
  6. I don't think I've any Gucci monogram bag w/ brown leather trim at all... love the cream/white/rose/platino + mono combo :p
  7. well if you love the monogram look then what you have picked out sounds great. Those are my favorite color combinations. The white trim on my Pink abbey did turn a little darker . I am not sure if they all do or it was just mine.
  8. Oh, don't tell me that! I have one on the way! Sorry to hear that though..I have a feeling it'll change color cuz it's white. :sad: I would love a pink trimmed jocileur (sp?) next
  9. Maybe yours will not turn. I bought mine at the outlet so maybe it was sitting around for a while. I got rid of mine on eBay because I did not carry it much after it turned. Got close to what I paid. The pink seems to do ok on eBay. I love the pink jolicleur also! That was my first choice but I could never find one and happened to see the pink abbey at the outlet when we moved to italy. I wish the US had the prices they do. I am dying for a new bag for xmas and trying to find one on sale. I may get the britt hobo or tote with white trim if I can find one on sale. If not the britt in cream leather. Were you going to buy your britt from the website?

  10. Oh I love Italy! Wish I had bought a pelham while I was there..the currency conversion was giving me a headache so I didn't bother. I forgot that I would get the VAT refund back, DOH!:push:

    Those bags are very lovely choices. I was trying my luck on ebay but changed my mind cuz there's sooo many good fakes of the new Britt right now. The price isn't so bad on I was debating whether to get that or the LV Neverfull PM (damier or damier azur). It's Christmas time so I shouldn't be spending so much anyways, at least not on myself. ;) Besides, I've backordered a mini french wallet in white trim muahahaha!:greengrin: