reducing waist size - better abs

  1. is there any good exercise to reduce waist size?
    i do alot of leg raise, ball exercise, sit ups but none of them really reduce my waist size.
    i don't drink pop or really eat salty food (to avoid bloating). i drink alot of water and coffee.
    i also do alot of cardio but my waist size seem to remain constant.
    any good suggestion? :shrugs:
  2. I like making sure I take in enough dairy products to help with weight loss. For me, yogurt and nonfat milk are very helpful. I've also found that portion control is very important in keeping my waist on the slim side.

    I can never be a size 2, it's simply impossible, but I do what I can stay fit by eating well and working out on a regular basis.
  3. I just got it but I'll recommend the new DVDs from

    cardio specifically dedicated to abs! no situps.
  4. The secret of getting abs is in the cardio -- not so much what specific exercises or ab exercises you do.

    Your waist will decrease the more you lose weight.

    So perhaps, you should focus on what you are and what you are not eating? Make sure to have carbs in the morning, a lot of fruits and veggies, and protein at night
  5. Abs & waist size are almost 80% DIET. Which is probably why mine are not looking as good as I would like (damn you, Thai food and chocolate!):p
  6. FYI...that's a rather common question which has been answered numerous times. Perhaps try the search function first??? ;)
  7. Thanks ladies!

    i did search the forum before but the problem is there are alot of ppl who recommend supplements.
    i swim everyday and my diet is pretty healthy.
    i tried pilates and other abs exercise before
    those exercise just help me with flat ab area instead of reducing waist size.
    just wondering if anyone else know to achieve that in a healthy way.
  8. There is no way to spot reduce or target a certain area for fat loss. Weight training, cardio and a clean diet are the only ways to see results. The results might not be in the area you want, but that's because we cannot target a certain area on our bodies for fat loss.

  9. that is the first time i've heard someone besides myself promote that! it's been my surefire healthy diet for a few years now, and it's so effective in getting u to whatever healthy weight and shape you should be in.....add on cardio and weight training and you'll be totally set!
  10. my diet is the reason why i CANNOT make progress on improving my body.

    i just have no ability to say no to pasta, chocolate, korean food, thai food, italian food, french food, sushi... you get the idea...