reduced price on some shoes on Barney's online

  1. some sale shoes like mbmj and miu miu reduced the price again.
    i got one for 80 bucks which was 120 last week!
  2. It seems like the prices went down again. I ordered a pair of lace up boots today from Barneys...their Co Op brand. Has anyone tried that brand of shoe? It was an awesome deal...$120! My existing black boots are tired and trashed...I am sadly very short on boots.

    Ive noticed they dont show the original prices of the item online at Barneys..just the current marked down price and the price it was before that. Im curious what my boots cost before they went down this last time. I was told that the sales stuff has been cleared from most Baneys locations, so its been consolidated to the new york store, online and their outlets. Im obsessed!
  3. some cute stuff! thanks for sharing!