Redo on Ottone cosmetic case...

  1. Ok, have to redo this as I broke a bunch of rules with my other post:shame:! Anyone have a heads up on where I can find an ottone cosmetic bag? Have you seen one in any of the boutiques lately or another major store? I would love to get my hands on one but they are difficult to find to say the least! Any ideas would be great!!! TIA!!!
  2. Hi Olympia177! I saw a large/long one with a flap at SF boutique on 26th Dec. as well as at NYC boutique on 31st Dec.. And ouija board posted on 25th Dec. that Las Vegas boutique had it.:flowers:

    Or, are you looking for the small one?
  3. Thanks for respondng Mid-....actually, I WAS looking for the small one, which seems impossible right now. :sad: Anyone seen the small one anywhere???
  4. Mid-.....did your Barneys have another one??? It just clicked about your enabling post! Please let me know if you saw more than one!!!!
  5. ^^ will do, thanks for your PM!!
  6. Are you talking about the ottone clutch bag? I just spoke with the SA in Las Vegas and the only ottone they have are the cabat and one clutch that has the flap instead of zipper on top. Length is about 8.5". Price is $1100. According to the SA, ottone was only available in the flap design, never the smaller pouch / case with zipper. You can call to find out. Her name is Akiko. Hope this information helps.
  7. Thanks dolphingirl....I was looking for the flap style, not the zip top. They actually have the style but not the ottone color at The ottone is what is calling me, but I really don't want the large flap clutch. Maybe a little miracle will happen along the way here and I will locate one somewhere.
  8. The only small flap makeup clutch that I saw in ottone was the one with the pink undertones, not the regular ottone like on the cabat. But I was pretty new to BV when it came out so don't quote me on that!
  9. Have you checked eBay?