Redness in the skin HELP PLEASE

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  1. Does anyone know how to tone down redness on the skin ?? My Dad has high redness around his neck and cheek areas. I bought me a Clinece cream to tone it down but it didnt work. I forget get the name of it but it said it would tone it down. But it didn't.:confused1:

    Does anyone know any good products to help. ??:wtf:
  2. I forgot what it's called exactly, but the product is from Murad. I have really really red cheeks, and this actually worked! Well, at least for me it did!!
  3. My friend uses a prescription cream called Finacea and she likes it.
  4. Thanks a mill I'll look into them
  5. try mineral makeup, but Bare Minerals.
  6. sorry that should say "like Bare Minerals". tired today!:s
  7. First of all, you might check with your dermatologist, tell her/him about your dad, and make sure that your redness is not caused by anything that needs actual medical treatment, in addition to a cosmetic correction.

    You don't give your age, but as the years pass, some degree of redness, caused by tiny blood vessels that have fallen by the wayside, as it were, is normal, and in people with very fair skin, will be quite visible, but easily taken care of with a foundation.

    So if you are young and/or foundation is not taking care of your redness, have it checked out at the same time that you investigate how to cover it up.