Redken or Kerastase for my processed (10 times :() hair?

  1. I just wanted to have your opinions guys. I have long blonde fine (but lots of it) 2A waist length hair and the length has been processed at least 10 times:sad: in one year(I just did the count). It was the first time I did anything to my hair and at first I didn't really notice it was damaged. I had everything done at the salon (thought they would warn me if I went too far). Stupid I know.

    If I use deep conditioning treaments and let my hair air dry afterwards, it is soft and detangled, but it has practically no shine. However, whenever I blow dry (which I have to some times if I don't have a lot of time), it alwas feels dry and coarse, not supple at all...

    I know you can't repair hair, but is there a way to at least make it look like it is?

    I use mainly Redken and Kerastase products and am a bit wary of those intense protein treatments, as they dry the hair even further (and it are only my lengths that are damaged). Also, I've never had any splits, ever. I think my hair isn't prone to it, but at places it looks brittle and has no shine.

    So, any advice is welcome, including products from other lines. The only problem is that I live in Belgium and we don't have 'nexxus' here.

    I've already tried:

    Redken: real controll: mask
    blonde glam: blonde pearl

    Kerastase: aqua oléum
    masquintense (seemed to be less moisturising than Redken)
    the 'lait vital' conditioner' (not moisturising enough)
    mask: chroma riche (same problem)
  2. I have been using Esuchen's energizing line. It is a Japanese line and their energizing products are especially for color treated hair. Shampoo, weekly treatment and styling cream. My hair is soft and has a healthy shine from using it. This stuff is very expensive but, you are already buying Kerastase.
  3. I second the Esuchen recommendation. I am in love with their Olive line - I use the shampoo, conditioner, sculpting lotion and hairspray daily, and I alternate between the Instant Treatment (Olive line) and the RD Protein Creme. Both the Instant Treatment and the RD Protein Creme double as a detangler, so your brush will float through your hair without snagging it. Those snags just damage your hair even further.

    Redken Color Therapy shampoo and conditioner give me better volume, but with waist length hair, you probably don't get a lot of volume from anything.

    Honestly, I'd recommend a good hair cut (if you cut 9 or 10" you can donate it) and trying the Esuchen line.

    The Esuchen products have a built-in UV protection, so they will protect your color too!
  4. YAY for Esuchen!!! I love it!!! Amazing stuff!!!
  5. I am still loving the Esuchen protein cream too - I think this is the longest time I've been enamored with a hair product. I highly recommend it Angel1988!! :smile:

    Quick question for those that use the Esuchen shampoo and conditioner - does the shampoo contain sulfates (SLS) and does the conditioner contain silicones? I know the protein cream doesn't and that is one reason why I love it!

    (sorry to hijack your thread!)
  6. can someone explain the different esuchen lines to me?
  7. Honestly I have found the best once per week deeeeeep treatment mask to be Bumble and Bumble's Damage Therapy Mask.

    It is expensive but AMAZING

    I would then recommend that you use Kerastase as your every day/every other day (depending on how often you wash your hair) hair products.
  8. I know you don't have Nexxus, but perhaps you could try to get Emergencee (a Nexxus product) from an online store? It's a protein treatment, but not as intense as some. I think the key to protein treatments is use them infrequently (not more than once every other week) and moiturize heavily afterward.
    I've heard Apogee is great, but I haven't personally tried it.
    Olive Oil is great as a leave in after the shower.
    Also, a rinse of Apple Cider Vinegar in the shower brings back shine (didn't particularly work for me, but it has for many others!)
  9. Kerastase! My hair sounds a lot like yours (pic in my av).. my hair got to the point that it was actually beggining to snap from all the bleach & hair straightening. I heard Kerastase was good so I decided to try it. OMG I can't even rave enough about it.. after ONE use I felt a dramatic difference & after a couple of weeks my hair felt amazing, it was super soft & was NOT snapping at all.

    My hair had been looking really dull & yellow-ish (I only bleach the roots & then go over the tips maybe once a year) but I didn't dare bleach the tips because they would of snapped straight off.. well after using Kerastase I decided to risk it & barely any hair snapped at all maybe about 20/30 strands total.. I was AMAZED!

    This is what I use..
    Bain De Force shampoo
    Forcintense treatment tubes.. these come with six tubes (3 forceinterne & 3 forcexterne) & your supposed to use both in the same wash once per week but I just use one & alternate them so they last 6 weeks instead of 3!
    Ciment Anti Usure conditioner
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    These are the Esuchen products I use.

    Lanier: my shampoo does contain sulfates, but I don't see anything on the conditioner that looks like silicone (no dimethicone or anything).
  11. My friend has really over processed her bleach blond hair. She has done this since high school. She is now 51. She uses a heat cap 2-3 times a week and buys the cheap Queen Helen hair conditioner from the beauty supply store or drugstore. It is a light yellow conditioner that comes in a large tub. As damaged as her hair is this stuff makes it super soft and it actually looks good. I think a heating cap is worth trying, they cost around 25 dollars and if you use it 2-3 times a week for a half hour to a hour you will see a major difference.
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    Matrix Biolage Fortifying Conditioner is great. I use this as a mask when my hair starts to feel weak and brittle. This stuff is so thick it feels like putty, no lie.

    You may also want to try mayo in your hair for shine, as gross as that sounds I've heard nothing but good things about it. I actually may go to the market and get some cheap full fat mayo and try it for myself.
  13. My hair suffered like this recently and I tried the Redken All Soft range - it's won beauty awards over here (in the UK) and apparently is one of those 'beauty secrets' that only stylists have known about until now (hype I know!).

    Anyway I've been really pleased with the results I've had. I use the shampoo and conditioner. Haven't tried the masque yet as I've been using Louise Galvin Sacred Locks hair masque for fine hair which is greats & doesn't contain any laureth sulphates.

    For styling I use Kiehls Creme with Silk Groom & you only need a tiny amount. It's really moisturising and helps keep flyaway and frizz at bay.

    Good luck, hope you find something in the recommendations here.
  14. I had a hairdresser overprocess my already processed hair and using an intense protein treatment helped straight away. I used Joico's one. Also try using leave-in conditioners.