Redken Clear Moisture

  1. I just thought I would let everyone know that Clear Moisture by Redken is like liquid gold:biggrin: It's new and is an instant polishing prep/detangling lotion. It make my hair soooo smooth and soft!! I guess stylist can use it as a leave in cutting tool as well. I am going to go back and buy a few more bottles:love:
  2. Thanks for sharing missjenny! I love Redken products! At the moment I'm using Redken Smooth Down and it is :heart:33333333333333333.
  3. No problem!! I know that anyone who tries this stuff will love it:yes:
  4. Ok, I'm demonstrating that I'm clueless again. ":heart:" What is it??? Sorry!
  5. :heart: is a heart :smile:
  6. Thanks, will try it! I :heart: Redken! I have thick hair and Redken is the only brand I have found that really works. I use the glass smothing serum all the time to add some shine & softness. Without it, hair gets all frizzy & dry.
  7. Have been curious about the Clear Moisture! Love, Love Redken absolutely an All Soft addict!!!
  8. I use Redken Smooth Down shampoo and conditioner. I love Redken too!
  9. I just went back and bought 3 more bottles:love: It's so great becasue you just spray it in to help get the tangles out of your hair before you blow dry, and my hair almost has zero frizz!! You all will have to let me know what you think if you try it:biggrin: