Rediscovering MFF items ~~~ SHOW ME YOURS!

  1. I have several MFF. They're great for everyday use and the wrislets and small crossbody bags are good for traveling and clubbing. This is the list of the ones I own:

    Signature 24cm duffle black
    Signature file crossbody bag gold
    Black leather crossbody swingpack
    Brown Signature crossbody swingpack
    Ashley carryall signature brown/silver
    Snaphead print demi crossbody
    Signature Laura Tote silver blue
    Penelope hippie leather coral
    Medium wristlets in black and perforated leather coral

    I'll post pictures when I get home
  2. You're welcome!

    Truthfully, I don't position them myself. I let them do what they're gonna do. Sometimes, they are straight up, sometimes, they hang to the side. They are never bothersome, though! :smile:

    I am going to Best Buy and to return some stuff at the store and then grocery shopping. I unpacked a little and I will try carrying her with the short straps. I will let you know how it goes.
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    I had the Leah in the fabric and unfortunately, she snagged on the back side and I had to put her in Coach Heaven. :sad: It was a very functional bag! Huge. I loved it. It was my everyday bag for almost a year straight.

    Come to think about it, all this talk about Ashley, and I actually specifically asked for my Ashley to replace my Leah, since she was black, and I needed a new black bag.

    I love your PVC one. The color is pretty! Enjoy it. I loved my Leah while I had it. :smile:
  4. I love this shape. I had the small one a few years ago but I outgrew it. I would like to get one of the bigger ones. I hope Coach makes more of these.
  5. Thanks... I am loving the leather color and the lavendar inside makes me happy when I look at it. :smile: The card case I have even is lined w/ purple (and that was a suprise as I had the card case before and didn't realize it matched). The setup of the bag plus using the wristlet/card case is working really well for me. The wristlet is big enough I can carry the case and my phone in it and keys too or I just attach them. Was a crazy day here hoping to take some mod shots tmrw.
  6. Well, I went ahead and tried the short straps.

    Turns out, I am an overstuffer, so downsizing helps a lot.

    They were a little uncomfortable after wearing the bag for over an hour straight, but I think it is because the straps haven't been broken in. I will probably use the short straps from now on. :smile:
  7. I liked it with the longer strap, it seemed to sit at a good spot on my hip, so I think I'd use the long strap mostly, but the short ones are good for grabbing quick. I'm still thinking, I worry so much about not having that secure full zip but I may try again...
  8. Would love mod shots!
  9. Yeah, I can understand and agree with you. The compartments are bothersome for me, and the opening is awful when it rains. The long strap worked well for me also, but sometimes, I would bump into things unknowingly with it...
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    My most recent MFF purchase. The ipad sleeve in watermelon and the fruit signature umbrella. MFF accessories are so cute and affordable!
  11. This is my MFF Gallery Tote from 2009. The leather is beautiful, and it makes a great work bag or "fancy dinner" tote. The only complaint I have is that it doesn't have feet to protect the bottom and corners, but I still think it is a fabulously made bag. :smile:

  12. My first non-eBay handbag purchase (well coach anyway) made last summer as a bday present to myself...

    MFF Black patent stitched C demi crossbody
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    MFF Brooke in Black Leather and Signature Zippy Wallet
  14. I love that bag!! It's small but holds a good load of stuff!
  15. Yes it does! Love that it holds my zippy wallet and there is still room for my iPhone and a few other things...I've been using this bag as my "rain" and evening bag since February...don't see it going back in a dust bag anytime soon.