Rediscovering MFF items ~~~ SHOW ME YOURS!

  1. The small straps do not fit over my shoulder either. I mean. They do. But the bag is like way up under my arm and it is very uncomortable. I only like shoulder bags as well, so I use the long strap. The short straps do not get in my way. I think you should go for it!
  2. Have any modeling shots?

    What's a good price for the leather carryall? It was 169 with no discounts when I looked at it.
  3. I can take some in a little bit.

    I think that is the average price the leather ones are going for, at least on the online sale. I only have a siggy one, and I know $125 was paid for it around Christmas...Leather usually runs a little more so that sounds right.
  4. With all the rave reviews on the Ashley carryall & this pic, I HAD to have one!!!! It is a gorgeous colour and I love the 3 compartments and 2 straps!!
  5. Which one do you have?
  6. actually the squeak eased up so I never did anything to it. :smile: I haven't had any trouble w/ things falling out of the bag. I usually try to keep the snaps together, but they aren't always snapped. It sits next to me in the car and hasn't fallen at all, maybe because of the design and weight? For reference, I am 5'2" and about 125 lbs. Sometimes it's a little hard to get over my shoulder, but nothing that bothers me. I wasn't sure if I'd like the compartments but I really do. I came from a gallery tote that was just one big opening (and I hated the jacket zipper!).
  7. I paid about $150 for mine at the outlet.. and that was after a PA (went on sale right after I bought it!). The patent putty one that another poster has a photo of here.. was under $100 in the clearance section on the online sale! I forget how much the other leather ones were on the online sale.
  8. forgot to add... I will take some photos w/ the bag on my shoulder and post soon!
  9. I posted pics of it on here... under ashley/carryall clubhouse and I think another thread titled Limerick outlet reveal. I'll see if I can find and post the link!
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  11. Sorry it took so long. Here are a couple.

    Please excuse the dirty bathroom and the Hello Kitty shorts. I need to clean up and dig my pants out of the dryer.

    Anyway, you can kinda tell. She's all up in there. Maybe it is because I am an overstuffer and carry everyyything. I am gonna try downsizing today.
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  12. Thanks :smile: Do you keep the short straps sticking up when you use the longer strap, or do they hang to the side?
  13. My first few bags were MFF. At the time, I didn't know anything about FP or MFF, but it doesn't matter, I love both! I got this Coach Leah tote two something years ago. PVC holds up great. Gets abused as an everyday bag, university bag, beach bag, etc.