Rediscovering MFF items ~~~ SHOW ME YOURS!

  1. I started buying Coach back in February 2012 after a love affair with Louis Vuitton. I always loved Coach so I came on to the Coach section of TPF and learned sooo much. I was drawn to the FP deletes and after awhile, that is all I would look at and buy from the outlet completely ignoring the MFF bags.

    Until today. I was at the outlet picking up a Glam tote in anthracite and a poppy pushlock wristlet when I saw the Laura tote. I bought it for a friend and I also picked up a MFF wallet that is gorgeous and so fun! :balloon:

    I bought the Laura as a gift but it didn't work out. I decided to give it a try and I was pleasantly surprised. She holds a ton, is light weight and really comfortable on the shoulder. It has a generous strap length and the leather is really soft. It has clean lines, looks professional and classic. :cool:

    Here is the bag that changed my view on MFF. :wave:




    A little pretty bird showed me this wallet and I couldn't resist it. The brilliant colours just blew me away and the inside is leather!! Behind the cards on the left side, there are 2 compartments and one behind the right side. :ghi5:







    ~:cool:~:cool:~ PLEASE SHOW US ~:cool:~:cool:~
  2. OHHH HOW PRETTY!! them both! Now does the wallet have any slots for bills?? And do you think the tote can hold the weight with it just having thin straps?
  3. I never had negative feelings about MFF - I like what I like. There are some MFF bags I don't like but there are lots of FP bags I don't like either!

    My MFF favorites - my Large Ashley satchels (Watermelon, Teal, Garnet Patent and Cobalt Patent), my Parchment MFF Zoe and my brown Ocelot Patchwork tote (my daughter ALWAYS tries to steal that one!)

    My other MFF favorites are my poppy scarf print umbrella, my kisslock coin purses and my pillboxes!
  4. Yes, it does! :smile:


    I don't find the straps thin at all. I have an LV NF and I consider that bag to have thin straps. These straps are comfortable & the bag seems sturdy. :biggrin:
  5. I think this is they way I'm going to approach the outlet from now on. Look around with an open mind regardless of whether it's FP or MFF.

    I'm starting to think the that MFF lines were way better before I started collecting Coach. I'd love an Ashley in garnet patent! I like both the fp and mff zoe bags. It is too bad they are no longer made. I totally forgot about the adorable MFF accessories like the pill boxes and camera cases! :biggrin:
  6. Love my scarf print Ashley from the Fall.
  7. I've got to be honest Coach's MFF items have grown by leaps and bounds IMO in the last 2-3 years! MFF used to be basic run-of-the-mill bags and accessories with the only real changes being in colors and sizes. Once in awhile they'd have something a little off the charts but NOTHING like they are now-a-days!!!

    The designs are better, the accessories are TDF cute and now there are even MFF limited editions that ONLY flagship stores get!!!! Everyone remember the MFF version of the Lily and it's turnlock tote bigger sister??? They still command top dollar on the bay WHEN you can find one!!!

    I've never been a MFF snob, I love to stumble upon a great boutique delete HOWEVER I buy what I'm in the market for and what will suite my needs be it MFF or delete!!

    I've owned several MFF pieces and always have my eye out for more!!

    Ive attatched a couple photo's of the MFF turnloock tote that even featured the newer version of the legacy lining!! Wish I'd never returned mine in gold! What a FOOL!!! LOL
    imagesCA913SZK.jpg imagesCAMRG65I.jpg
  8. I love the watermelon wallet! I thought this was the same as my MFF card case, but I see they added an outside zip pocket and extra slip pockets for bills too. I love the two tone on the inside too!
  9. i LOVE that wallet!!! too cute!
  10. I've never been a snob about MFF. Nearly all of my accessories are MFF. I love the kisslock coin purses, the pill boxes, the sunglasses cases, and the small card cases with two ID windows. Plus they are reasonably priced so I can afford to buy matching sets.
  11. To answer your question, yes! I had never seen any MFF items I liked before... until I fell in LOVE with the MFF beach motif collection from this summer. Those totes are some of my favorite bags I've ever had!


  12. Here are the 2 MFF's I recently bought

    Cobalt Patent Ashley Carryall & Coral Perforated Duffle

    I'm not sure what I'm doing with these as of yet, I know that the Coral is going back, I just don't like her as much IRL as I did in stock pics. ITA with the ladies here, I buy what I like wether it's FP or MFF makes no difference.
    image-1391843235.jpg image-2458929351.jpg
  13. Mff items are getting much better with time! I remember them being made with slightly less quality, think bad sticky zippers and off stitching. Now they seem just as well made and stylish as fp bags and accessories. And as always, yay for bargains!
  14. I only buy at the outlet as FP isn't in my budget. I have bought a gallery tote (loved except jacket zipper and lack of outside pocket for phone), white/grey/silver card case, large leather wristlet, a small bag to take out for drinks w/ friends, and my Ashley Carryall in platinum leather.

    Am heading up there soon.. have an anthracite glam tote on hold. :smile:
  15. All of your goodies are beautiful. I have FP's, deletes and MFF's and love them all. I do head for the deletes before looking at the rest of the bags though. Thanks for sharing your new lovelies, granny.