Rediscovering a Beloved Bag

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  1. #1 Apr 5, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2016
    More than 5 years ago my employment company moved from the suburbs into the inner city and my life changed a lot. I had to take long walks in all kinds of weather to/from the train stations and take a railroad ride in/out of town. I quickly learned how to adapt but it was necessary to change a lot of my habits. I found it necessary to juggle carrying a purse, lunch, computer, and files into work and that made it difficult to wear/bring any stylish items.

    So I mostly wore slacks, blouse, and a blazer and I kept a few pairs of "suitable flats" at the office so that I could wear athletic shoes during my outdoor commute. I also learned to pay close attention to the weather. Previously I had not owned any patent leather bags but I now have at least 5 of them because you don’t have to worry about rain or snow when carrying patent leather.

    I recently made a big decision - not because of fashion but for other reasons - and I've changed jobs. I now drive to work and the weather and the rigors of the commute are not such a big deal anymore. The new job has been a big adjustment but at least I don’t have to worry so much about my shoes, clothes, and bags. So I have been digging out some bags that have seldom been used in recent years because they were too large (or too delicate) for a public transit commute.

    This week I have rediscovered how much I love one of my all-time favorite bags. I haven’t carried her very often in recent years, except on special occasions, because she is just too big and heavy. Now it feels like she is brand new and I am thrilled to be carrying her again!

    I have been wearing my teal blue Sydney Leather Shoulder Flap 14614 B4 BL that was released in 2009. I bought her at the outlet in 2010 for $277 (retail price = $798). She was my first colored bag and for a long time she was my most expensive bag. She was a beloved symbol (just take a look at my avatar!) that had faded away but now she is back in the spotlight, what a beauty!

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  2. Love the color! It's always nice to rediscover something that's been sitting in your closet! Enjoy!
  3. Yay! I love that you brought her back out and she is useful, again!

  4. Thanks, I think that I am going to enjoy shopping my closet for some time!
  5. LOVE the color and all those pockets! :smile: Isn't it great to rediscover an old love again!
  6. What a beautiful purse! Glad you are using it again.
  7. I always wonder what bag is in your avatar... It's a beauty! Congrats on your new job & have fun rediscovering treasures! :smile:
  8. Very pretty. She deserves some love!

  9. Thank you! It is raining today and if I were still taking public transportation I would be carrying a no-worry purse, like a patent leather bag. Today I just parked and ran a few steps to the door under my (Tattersall pattern) umbrella and didn't get a drop of rain on my beautiful Sydney bag - so I'm happy!

  10. I have hardly used Sydney for several years so I had considered selling her, but I could never bring myself to let her go - or to change my avatar - so it really is fun to have her back again, thanks!
  11. Gorgeous bag!
  12. Such a stunning bag and I really enjoyed your story. I'm glad you had a chance to rediscover her!

  13. Thank you, it's like getting a new bag but even better!
  14. My comment when seeing your bag? WOW! What a beauty in one of my favorite happy you rediscovered her!
  15. good for you
    glad you can get more use out of your beautiful bag