Redesigned Pochette Métis?

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  1. Hi all, I’m looking at purchasing the pochette Métis but have had concerns because of the issues Poole have talked about with it - front flaps curving up, glazing, misaligned canvas, etc. I was in the store yesterday and the manager told me that they had fixed all of the issues and had just come out with a “resdesigned” and “2nd version” of the pochette metis. Also that they had just gotten one in yesterday and sold it right away - of course! So, my question is has anyone else heard this? I may have just missed it, but want to verify this is correct before considering purchasing. Looking at the empreinte leather in black. Any feedback from anyone who has one (good or bad!) would be great. Thanks!
  2. I heard the new version was out also but did not see any first hand accounts from anyone who got the new one to confirm the differences. I only heard from an SA that all previous issues were going to be fixed.
  3. Do you know when they started producing the redesigned PM? I purchased mine this month and date code indicates it was made the 38th week of 2019.
  4. You could check the pochette metis clubhouse, a lot of members have posted about their bag there.
    The only visible difference is that the piece of canvas on the inside of the flap is bigger now.
  5. I have heard otherwise that they just changed the SKU number but didn't redesign it. I'm inclined to believe in that because I don't believe how an elongated flap could help in resolving the inherent design issues.
  6. they also changed the canvas and stuff, it wasn't simply just a simple addition of a longer insert of canvas.
  7. Am aware of those - but it was already iterated once in 2017 where they changed the canvas to a softer one. I don't see how by stiffening the canvas now (effectively going back to the original design) could aid in the resolution.