Redeeming amex pts for Saks gift cards for LV

  1. Does anyone know if the gift cards can be used in the LV departments? Anyone try it before? I want to redeem my amex points for a Saks gc so i can put it towards a koala agenda, just wanted to know if i'm able to do that before i cash in all my points. :sweatdrop:

  2. Yes you can use the Saks GC's at LV. As long as that store has a LV counter. =)
  3. ^^^^ yup. there were some threads about this before...
  4. ohhh that's great news! Think i will redeem all my points b/c some expired already T.T
  5. I'm just wondering if the rewards gc from amex is different. i know the regular Saks gc is redeemable at LV.

    When i try to redeem my amex pts for a saks gc, they have the following restrictions in their fine print:
    Not valid at "Off 5th" outlet stores. Offer excludes some designer collections (but doesn't specify which), Alfred Dunhill tobacco products, some cosmetic collections, leased departments, electronics and fitness equipment from Folio, Gift Certificates, and Gift Card purchases.

    i guess i just wanted to find out if anyone had luck using your amex pts for a saks gc and then redeeming it at LV.
  6. I specifically asked this at my LV counter at Saks in NJ - they said No - can not use the Amex point redemptions. They are excluded from this and all other promotions -including earning points for purchases on the Saks charge.
  7. I am going to say you can't... I tried it and it didn't work! I got some great Burberry stuff though. I do know that merchandise cert work but those Amex one's don't. Sorry!!
  8. THANKS! That's all i wanted to find out. Was gonna redeem pts to use it at the Saks in NJ too. Glad i didn't click on the submit button yet. Man, now i won't be able to get my agenda. This stinks... :sad: Had enough for $200
  9. Call your specific lv counter and ask them directly. I was able to use mine last November at Saks in Dallas. It's worth a shot!
  10. You can redeem the AmEx points for a giftcard at Bloomingdales and use it in LV; at least, you can in the SF Bloomingdales--I did it last fall.
  11. Is it only AmEx that allows this for saks or BLOOMIES?
    What about Visa?
  12. good try though! you even had ME all excited for a moment!
  13. I sure hope so! with all the points I have with amex I can buy an LV handbag!!! I'm going to call and see for sure! :yahoo: