Redecorating our room. Help, please!

  1. I'm up pretty late looking over paint swatches. I'm not very good when it comes to home decor so I was hoping if you all could help me? My husband and I are redecorating our room and bathroom and I'm having a hard time finding the right color for our walls. We have pretty sapphire blue like carpet and the new bedroom set will be a cherry wood color. Not the deep deep red but like a dark cranberry red. Could you give me some color suggestions, please? I don't have one color in mind. Hubby says "let's just pain it white" but we have kids and white walls with two toddlers don't mix. Plus I want a change, a pretty splas of color is what I need. Please...HELP!!! going paint shopping in the morning. TIA!
  2. What do you think of going with another neutral beige? It goes with any color and its not white. Only thing I would be worried about is too much color. So thats why I suggested a neutral for the wall.
  3. Have you considered a decorative or faux finish? A colorwash in neutral tones would really complement the bold colors of your carpet and furniture.
  4. I adore dark colored a dark red and or chocolate brown.
  5. there are a few options going about with this. first you have to look at a palette of cool colors (blues, greens, teals, spa/pool colors, etc) and see if any of those inspire you (to be in that room). then look at a palette of warm colors (burnt oranges, reds, soft yellows, etc). then a palette of neutral colors (tans, browns, whites/ivories, etc).

    pick a palette that pleases your eye and you as a whole. if you want a more dramatic look, paint the wall your bed will be on, a different shade or color than the other 3 walls. for instance, if you want to paint the walls a soft warm taupe - brown with a red undertone (as opposed to a cool brown - brown with a blue undertone), i'd suggest painting the focal wall (wall with bed) a dark chocolate OR super light latte-ish color.

    (you'll have to excuse me if i call a color something funky because my store sells paint and i just use their names)

    for a room with a pretty sapphire blue carpet and dark cherry furniture, i would go with something in the warm brown tones to warm up the place. white will NOT make it homey.. and really.. don't do white. cool brown tones would also work in keeping it a relaxed calm atmosphere. strong colors such as reds or oranges might make the room feel excited (or if you have a hard time sleeping, the colors would definitely keep you awake). however a soft yellow might not hurt since blue & yellow are pretty complimentary, and it'll make your furniture stand out a bit.

    i like the idea of a soft warm yellow, or soft warm brown - they're both neutral and will most likely go great with any bedding you have. blues, greens, reds or oranges - you might have to change your bedding to match the walls - unless you already have something that do. lol.

    one other thing to consider: how much light does the room get? how much NATURAL light does the room get? what types of bulbs are in the room? florescent? incandescent? halogen? spots? floods? etc? each bulb creates a different mood because of the function of the bulb. and don't forget that there are many types of bulbs out there with different COLOR outputs - ie: GE's True Blue bulb vs their Bright White bulb.. etc.
  6. Thank you so much ladies for your advice. I had such a hard time falling asleep last night trying to come up with the right color. I do like the idea of a warm brown, as frozen put it "latte-ish color". lol. Almost like a light mocha color. I love that color and I do love latte! DH and I are on our way to the paint store. Hopefully we don't end up in a big stupid argument about paint. Thanks again for the advice, I'm going to consider all the options and tips you guys have given me. And once this room is done I can't to shop for pretty linens!
  7. :yes:
  8. Is your rug all one color or is it an area rug with a pattern in it (like a Persian rug, etc.)? If it has more than the blue sapphire color, then maybe you want to use a wall color that is similar to one of the other colors in the rug.

    We have a rug that sounds like the same color as yours and it has beiges and a little bit of gold in it. We painted the walls beige to match the pattern in the rug and got drapery that is both blue and beige. I confess we had help with all of this. Neither my DH nor myself could ever have dreamed this up.

    If your rug is solid blue or even if it does have other colors in it, I think a soft beige or a faux finish like the others have suggested would be lovely.
  9. a neutral tan, that highlights the moldings and wood floors.

    get several small samples, paint your walls in patches...let the paint dry, and then see if you like the colors.

    good luck, paint makes a tremendous difference!