Redd's Attic - Authentic Seller ??????

  1. Hi guys,

    Does anybody know if Redd's Attic sells authentic handbags?

    This is the website

    Thanks so much ^______________^
  2. I don't know for sure, but I find it fishy that some of the pics of the items are stock photos and others look like they were stolen from someone's eBay auction. There's a photo of a Fendi Spy wherein the bag is sitting against a wall on tan carpeting. A little weird, don't you think? Also the prices are incredibly suspect.
  3. NO WAY!!! The Borsa bag is much cheaper than the Fendi Spy Bag-they have it listed at a high price, while the supposedly real Black leather Spy bag-which retails over $2000 is only $899 marked down to $449...laughable! RUN as fast as you can!!!!:tdown:
  4. I agree it looks weird.. how can they claim it's authentic? They are not listed in the Better Business Bureau. According to their domain registration, it's run by Redd Ent, 5678 Who Way, Atlanta, New York 30323. Doesn't that sound fishy? Atlanta, NY does exist, but there is no "Who Way" according to Google Maps. Does anyone else have any info on these guys?