red_1980's new collection

  1. Here is my small collection. Hopefully I will be able to buy more!! I just purchased the LVs in the last month.

    Hopefully the pics are okay. I had to resize them so that they would meet the pic restriction.

    mono speedy 30
    damier marais
    epi petit noe
    2 coach hobos
    Picture 026resized.jpg Picture 028resized.jpg HPIM0331aresized.JPG HPIM0328resized.JPG HPIM0306resized.JPG HPIM0305resized.JPG
  2. I love your mandarin Noe!
  3. Thanks!!! Everytime I use it, I drool. I love orange!! :love:
  4. Your noe is so lovely.
  5. Your collection is BEAUTIFUL!!!:love:

  6. Thank you!! You have the beautiful collection!! I wish I had yours.
  7. I really like your collection! You have a good variety of bags but they're all still really functional. Plus they're all so lovely :smile:
  8. Gorgeous, I love your Damier Marais!
  9. I really like your collection
  10. I like your Damier bucket bag!
  11. Your collection is amazing for one month!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish i could get all that in a month! wow.. congrats very very nice.
  12. Very pretty!
  13. Cute bags! Very nice!
  14. Brand spankin' new Speedy! :love: :love: :love:
  15. Nice collection. I love that noe!
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