1. Very red, looks quite an orangey red. Great statement bag! Personally I think you have to be a big personality to carry off red AND patent. Lovely style though and every girl should have a red bag for those 'here I am' days.
  2. I've tried it on and felt it was too red for me. Agree with Sarajane, it's definitely a here I am sort of bag.
  3. Red. U will have to put in against your won skin and see whether it makes U look awake or sallow
  4. Wow! Blindingly red...It's not for me but I'm sure it would look good on someone else.
  5. Love the style and color but not in patent. A red this vivid I prefer not in patent leather.
  6. Love the bag but not in red or patent

  7. Woohoo, it shipped! I had my fingers crossed it wouldn't get cancelled like so many of the sale bags!
    Photos soon!
  8. Hurray for you, I'm glad you were able to get that bag! It's very cute!
  9. That is a sexy bag- great price too! Congrats!