1. hi! does anyone remember the red signature color that had come out before xmas 2005??? I bought a wallet, and didn't get the purse and of course when i was going to get the purse, I was told that color was just seasonal!!!! I went to the outlets, but all they had were the wristlets. I think the color was called Cardinal red? Has anyone seen this anywhere?????
  2. I've seen cardinal red duffles all over eBay.
  3. i have the cardinal in the hobo. :heart:

    ...but i got it in, oh, september? i did get it at an outlet though.
  4. My outlet had some hobo's and flap bags reccently. Not many, just a few here and there.
  5. the bag I loved was the signature duffle. I could kick myslef for not buying it! Should I start calling outlets???
  6. I have the cardinal duffle and demi. :yes:

  7. mmm. this makes me want to dig out my hobo...LOVE the red sig! :heart:
  8. Love the duffle and demi kathyrose!!!! I have the other style demi in the same red, but I'm not sure if I want to keep it.
  9. oooo i LOVE this red! i got large soho hobo and matching wallet, last one at the outlet in september, and i got sooo many compliments!
  10. This is the red that came out in Holiday of 04.
  11. grr@ the lucky cardinal having ppl!

    everyone has GORGOUS purses!

    goodluck to ppl looking for one...

    i might turn into one of those ppl one day..

    ...hmm i wonder if my mummy has one she'd be willing to part with... muahaha... :roflmfao: ya right! lol

  12. that's the duffle I want!!!!!!!!!!!! It's sooooooooooo pretty! I have the checkbook wallet, and didn't scoop up the purse when i saw it!!! :nuts: :nuts:
    Oh i could kick myself:smash: :smash: :smash: