Red/white Spy

  1. Ok- i currently have a hologram spy and a monecler in red ( on its way to mama) i also MAYBE getting a black spy

    i have the option to get this spy if i do a trade with some bbags i have.... do you think its worth it..
    acad3.JPG acad5.JPG acad6.JPG red-white spy.jpg
  2. Oh yeah it's hot!:heart:
  3. ABSOLUTELY!! I have this bag and it's gorgeous!! It will be great for the Summer too!:love:
  4. i heard its one of the first season ones so the leather is diff. whats diff about it? its kinda shiny is it not leather?
  5. :drool: OMG! What a find! :graucho: I'd love to own this baby!
  6. The leather is different because of the finish. It is looks like lizard skin but it is just the effect on the leather. I would say it is a little stiffer compared to my other Spies, but still gorgeous!!
  7. OMG! I want it! that is the coated leather from first season. If you don't get it, I would like it....:nuts:
    PS: is it a small (8br511) or large (8br512) spy?
  8. Yes, if you have the chance to go for it, grab it with both hands and dont let go lol :biggrin:

    its a dream bag, I would love love love to have one of these :smile:
  9. I love this bag. I think it's one of the most beautiful Spy's. I would love to have it :smile:
  10. Its a lovely bag and the colours are stunning, but I had heard that the leather goes a bit yellow after a time, do not know if this is true or not one of your pictures look like this perhaps its just the lighting.

    It is certainly a beautiful bag and one that would turn heads.
  11. Since you are already have two, it's best if you don't trade your bbags for this one. Not worth it.
  12. Does the pic show some yellow leather - I know like Saich said these do have a tendancy to do that
  13. wow love, what an awesome color combo, never seen this bag before.
  14. I think it's a FABULOUS color combo for an acadia SPY! For me, bag decisions are usually based on $$$ spent vs how often I plan on using the bag. Are you still using your bbags often or are you done with them and LOVE using your SPY bags more? If that's the case then go ahead and trade them! I LOVE the white/red color and think it will look realy chic in the spring/summer months!:yes:
  15. Ooooh HOT!! that is one pretty bag. I say get it ^^