Red wallet $599

  1. Hi Bev- I only checked out this wallet a few months ago. The one I saw felt very soft. It was really nice and I love big wallets! You can fit everything in it! What is retail for this wallet? Last time I checked it was $525.00 but prices may have gone up since.
  2. wow, i :heart: it Beverly-girl, i saw one IRL @ the nyc store & it was gorgeous (i can't remember how much $$$ it cost though :shrugs:)
  3. The Compagnon wallet is really nice, I have a black one, the leather is
    soft and it is HUGE, great for travel...$525 is the new raised price, they
    used to be $505...I wonder if this is '05 red, or a brand new one.....
  4. I prefer the compagnion style to this one, I've never even seen this one!
  5. yeppers, i've gotta admit, i've got the compagnon & prefer it too :yes:
  6. The campagnon is the one that zips shut- not the one with the snap- right? The one I saw was the zip one and I personally like it better too- just because it's easier to see all you credit cards.
  7. yep, it zips shut, which is much safer for me & it's so light-weight & easy to use...i wasn't sure about the big size at first, but now i can't imagine living without it :tender:
  8. so this is the "money" then?
  9. yeppers :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
  10. This is the new style (just out for Pre-Fall 06) called the "Money". It actually retails for $475, so she's marked up the price a bit.

    The original "Compagnon" did go up to $525 this season, but this new one is actually cheaper, probably because it's a little smaller. I can see why all of you say you prefer the Compagnon, because of the zipper and the credit card layout, but I bought both to compare and returned the Compagnon. Although it's a very nice design (and would make a great clutch), I couldn't get it to fit comfortably in any of my bags - just too big and bulky.

    The Money, on the other hand, fits much better - it's still a much bigger wallet than I'm used to, but it's really grown on me. I love it now.
  11. awe, i don't think the compagnon's clunky, it's super-slim :yes:
  12. You know - you're right that it is slim........ I just found it too long and wide to fit in any of my bags. I went one by one and it basically took up the entire space and stuck out of the top of all of them - I was afraid it would end up falling out. I guess I carry more stuff besides my wallet, so that makes a difference.
  13. that's true style101, it's definitely super-long, but it fits fine in all my bags so far (although i haven't tried it in my firsts yet) :yes:
  14. I'm glad it's working so well for you - it's such a lovely wallet. I was really sad it didn't quite make it for me. You probably just carry way less other junk in your bag. :smile:

    I've heard people say it fits fine in a first, just without a lot of excess room to spare.