1. unbelieveble...i am the luckiest gal on earth, i have to choose in between these two georgeous REDS, please tell me which one that you will buy if you only able to choose 1 with your most truest reasons.
    i love em both but i will have to choose 1

    a) to buy the RED HYBRID in medium size almost the same size with 226 of 2007
    b) to buy the RED reissue of ss08 size 227

    i love the chain of the hyrbid - ruthenium (looks like very used chain)
    i dont envy the gold chain on reissue, since i already have 1 gh reissue and 1 sh reissue.

    which one is more worth the money? i mean for almost the same price (only $600 difference) which one is more worth and will hold the value better?
    sorry if too many questions. any kind of help will be given good karma :girlsigh:
  2. If by the red 08 you mean the dark red, I'd go for that!
  3. i :heart: the hybrid but personally i wd go for the 08 dk red ~ the colour & sheen of the leather are absolutely tdf :drool:
  4. What kind of red for the reissue?Metallic or patent or dark red?
  5. Prefer to get the RED reissue of ss08 size 227 in darker red as i'm not a fan of hybrid flap.
  6. I honestly love both the reissue and the hybrid so I don't think you could go wrong with either. I'm not sure of the color difference though. Do you have any pics?
  7. What a nice predicament to be in! I am sure many tpf'ers would love the one you don't choose : ) I would be one to say the hybrid merely for my personal preference in the hardware. But, if you like gold, I would say the reissue.
  8. thx ladies for your kind help. this is a very hard one, i love the bijoux rusty hardware and been looking for one for a long time but i realize it that the bijoux rusty hardware will be very hard to use with a dress, its more on the casual side. i mean i love reissues because its ability to transform from day to night n from casual to dress up with ease but i dont feel that with hybrid. DO U GUYS AGREE?

    lucci: yes the dark red ss08 =)

    viki: yes i knowww the sheenis more blinding than love haha i love it too but would rather the chain in 2005 bordeaux reissue

    celia: thx

    echo: the color dif is the ss08 is more shiny and darker than the hybrid

    leem: i dun mind gold its just i would prefer ruthenium =) thx

    so ladies i have decided that i am not going to take the hybrid eventhough i love everything in it, just because i know i am gonna love the dark red reissue 227 ss08 more. so welcome reissue and goodbye u think i am making the right decision?