Red vs Pomme D'amour

  1. I've seen lots of items being called Pomme D'amour here but look Red. Maybe its the flash, I dont know.

    Does anyone have a side by side comparison of the two or can you point me to a link, I've searched a bit and didnt find it.

    Also, when I was at LV in Macys Herald Square I saw some items which I thought were Pomme D'amour but now thinking back I think they were Red.

    Pomme D'amour looks deeper and richer and glistens, where Red looks like a normal red with a glisten. Is this correct. Pictures would help a ton :smile:

  2. Hmmm.....I thought pomme was red, but I'm not a vernis expert. I bought the new pomme cles last weekend....looks red to me!
  3. Pomme d'amour IS red!

    If there was another red, they don't make it anymore.
  4. it is def red..
  5. There used to be another was more "orange" than the Pomme d'Amour....
  6. The old red was "Rouge" and the "Pomme d'Amour" is the newer one.
    The heart is Pomme and the Biscayne Bay GM is Rouge:
  7. ^^OT but Rebecca your hearts look so cute!
  8. Thanks!
    I can't wait for my Violette one, I was so happy when I got those last year!