Red vessels in the sclera

  1. hi! i have noticed that eversince i started wearing contact lens they have grown in number... anyone who gets this? is it really permanent?:sad:
  2. Have you discussed this with your eye doctor? You should.
  3. Are you experiencing any pain or irritation in your eyes? Have you tried wearing glasses only for a few days to see if it clears up?

    I've recently had to start going to a corneal specialist due to blurry vision in one of my eyes, which may have been caused by my contacts. So yes, I do urge you to talk to a doctor about this!
  4. thanks nope no irritation.. just lots of tiny spider veins! will check with my eye doctor soon. :smile:
  5. It happens when you wear contacts for a prolonged period of time. The contacts are blocking the oxygen from your eyes so it creates more blood vessels to breath. I have it too and if you stop wearing contacts for a while and switch to glasses, they'll decrease, I think.
  6. I've been wearing contacts every day for years... and I've developed the little red veins too. I think I will have to get lasik soon to avoid it getting any worse. I wonder if the veins are reversible if I stop wearing contacts. My other friends have switched to glasses to minimize this effect.
  7. my optometrist told me it happened because my lenses are such a high power (-11.0 and -11.50) and higher power lenses irritate the eye more.
    are your eyes really bad?
  8. thanks for the replies girls! my doctor said that my eyes are just dried up so he instructed me to put the fluid more often. :smile: they're whiter now coz the irritation is gone. :smile:
  9. What kind of contact solution do you use? I need to start putting them in my eyes more!
  10. i use renu :smile:
  11. I have this - it's called (corneal) neovascularization. My eye dr changed the type of contact lenses I'm wearing and it has helped, although I had to put my glasses on today because my eyes are so red. You should google it if you wear contact lenses almost all of the time, like I do.