Red Versace

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  1. [​IMG]
    what do you ladies/gents think about this Versace???Yey? Nah???
  2. It's not bad...but not for me.
  3. I think its kinda cute tho the price $2400 on Eluxury yikes!
  4. That's way too expensive for this bag, so for me it's a nahhhh:P
  5. Great bag .... lousy price
  6. To me it's *okay* a little tricked out for me really.
  7. cute bag, love the color! but phew...what a price!
  8. Bit luggag-y. And pricey! But that colour is nice and cheerful.
  9. Nay for me, looks kind of small.
  10. Nah for me.
  11. I think its cute. A little punk-y. But way too expensive.
  12. Cute but I'd rather get something else for that price!