Red Vernis... White Epi..

  1. So.... What's available in these line apart from the heart-shaped coin purse for the Vernis? Any good pictures to show?
  2. yea. Thanks. Been there but not much info on what is going to be available.
  3. Anyone have pics of the white epi? :nuts:
  4. its on the link above dear :love:
  5. agreed ... :shrugs:
  6. You mean that pic of the alma and noe? That sure doesn't look white? :shrugs:
  7. thats the one :graucho:
  8. It looks like the lilac epi. :s
  9. Does anyone know when it'll be available in AU?
  10. the epi, that is...
  11. its white, there is no lilac epi confirmation so far, the pic was taken with mobile phone, thats why :graucho:
  12. my SA only asked me to drop by after NY, but she said Australia has not yet got much confirmation, in fact this forum is super fast than Australia LV

  13. I thought maybe April?? They tend to release S/S items around March/April time frame here:yes: