Red Vernis GM for $319 (GREAT condition, too!)

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    Maybe I'm going through a Vernis fetish...
    (great condition, too, handles still very light)
  2. i saw that. i was considering it, but those blotches on the bottom are too much for me since im very picky.
    but i think that baby wipes could get it off...
  3. It's kind of banged up though. The handles are cool but what are those stains on the body of the bag? Yeesh.
  4. ooh- that stain is making me even more wary of vernis :s And that shape must make it nearly impossible to find something at the bottom of it.
  5. Yeah, the colour transfer is kinda :s
  6. I don't think baby wipes will take care of colour transfer on vernis.
  7. ITA with Karman
  8. Yeah but I think the price makes up for it

    But definitely doesn't come close to the marshmallow vernis purse I posted on another thread earlier! So glad a tPFer got it
  9. Stupid question alert !!!:push:
    The price you see with the bag, it's the actual price you'll pay for it if you hit "buy it" ??? Just bc they talk about bidding in their "rules" :confused1: is it for they eBay listing only then ???

    That bag is a beauty, too bad for the stains...
  10. :yes: Yes, that is the price you'll pay. It includes shipping and everything already.
  11. Thank you !!!!
  12. I don't think these stains will go away, else they would have reoved it themselves...
  13. Too dirty looking for me. Of course the pictures never to the bag justice so it may be worse than the pictures look.
  14. love the bag, but don't think I could live with the stains :s