Red VERNIS bucket

  1. Is that TDF or what!!.. but the price :nuts:
  2. There is another one floating around that is bronze with the vachetta
  3. I know. I wonder if I should submit an offer...
  4. Wow gorgeous. Could you imagine that in pomme...
  5. Oooh really? But red is sooo pretty............... :crybaby:
  6. :wtf:OMG that is incredible! someone's got to buy it!:drool:
  7. Yep that bronze bucket is at the Valley Fair Boutique.
  8. Make an know you want to!! :devil:
  9. whoa, that is a lot of redRED!
  10. OMG! That looks SO good!
  11. I love it and the seller is a pearl
  12. Stunning and in great shape too.
  13. ohoh stunning.....and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  14. Love it, but I am staying away from big's just too big for a comfortable bag in my opinion.