Red Velvet Couture Up To 50% Off Plus Toutie Code

  1. Summer Sale--Up To 50% Off
    Plus, Here Is A Coupon For An Additional 20% Off That Should Work

    This code is from the website.......

    red velvet couture20% offUse code TOUTIE20
  2. jeez bagachondriac!!! you really do seem to find all the sales!! :smile: Thanks for posting!

  3. HEHE! Thanks effinhaute...I get a lot of email newsletters! Only about one out of twenty are worthwhile, but I try to post most of them. I'm always hopeful that someone will benefit by the sales. I really appreciate your positive're sweet! This store did have a couple of cute bags, but I'm trying not to buy every bag that goes on sale anymore as they just sit in my closet. Also, after getting burned on that down-market GD bag from Rumor...I'm a bit gun-shy now.