Red Valentino mini dress (28")

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  1. I'd pair it with some white pumps , very on trend this year and some gold jewelry .
  2. wow that is so short..if they have it paired with shorts why don't they call it a top?
  3. It doesn't cover the model's bum; it isn't a dress. I would pair it with PANTS.
  4. I agree. They ( style it with shorts and recommend it to be worn with shorts so I don't get it :biggrin:
  5. The shorts are actually really bulky underneath the dress. I tried it on at the Vegas store. I'm thinking of a pastel-colored legging? I don't know!! That's why I started this thread! I'm not concerned about shoes or jewelry... I need something for down below that aren't those thick shorts.
  6. If you want to pair with a legging, please wear a legging that looks skinny trousers. What I mean is that the legging need to have pockets on your bum!
  7. As long as the leggings are opaque I think you are fine... But personally, thats a top not a dress and should be treated as such!
  8. I'm 5'2" and I could not pull off that top as a dress.

    I'd recommend a blush colored pencil skirt (with stiletto sandals) or white shorts underneath (with espadrilles or wedge sandals).
  9. I came here to add a cropped white pant would look great with this top.

  10. Agree.
  11. This is a top not a dress. Wear it with shorts. Its a gorgeous piece!
  12. I can just imagine someone trying to wear it as a dress lololol
  13. It covers my bum but I think capri pants would be best.
  14. See my post above. The shorts are too bulky. It covers my bum but only by 2 inches. It needs some type of long pant or capri, I think.