Red Twiggy Used (2003) Sells For $2000 on eBay

  1. Wow. I love B-bags, but that is way too much to pay :suspiciou
  2. :lol: damn!
  3. :amazed: maybe someone really loved the old leather??? geez that's a lot for a twiggy
  4. I saw that too. I was going to faint! That's a lot of money for a red twiggy. I guess someone *really* wanted it. I've seen certain city bags go for $1600 tops.
  5. I had the bag on my watch list and I was keeping a close eye on it throughout. I was surprised that there were no bids as of this morning. I always wait until the last minute to bid, but someone somewhere usually ends up logging a bid along the way before that. My biggest eBay peeve are people who get into a premature bidding war for no good reason but to jack up the price unnecessarily. I was beginning to wonder if the auction was going to end without any bids. So when I got home tonight and saw the $1999.99 figure, my jaw dropped. I understand the leather was different back in 2003, but $2000 for a used Balenciaga is a lot. Plus, red is a standard color that Balenciaga has done since (Fall 2005) and is supposed to do again (Fall 2006 if the rumors are correct).

    I think the max that I've seen before has been around $1600 too.
  6. And to think it's 3 years old! I wouldn't offer anything more than $800 for a used B-bag.
  7. wow! lucky person who won that and sold that! its amazing how high the prices can go for when the colour is so hard to find!
  8. Someone made a killing on this bag.

    Does anyone know what the twiggy retailed at in 2003? I imagine the price of the twiggy has gone up since then.
  9. Wow... beautiful rouge twiggy but for this price? That's just crazy! I think it was the way she advertised this bag.
  10. It's a nice color and all that person must really love that red. I can get a Chanel with the $2000.
  11. I definitely agree with this. A good advertisement/listing goes a LONG way. I have no idea how she was able to get so many pictures in her listing. There are 47 pictures of the bag alone, and on top of that she has a lot of pictures with stars and their b-bags. The max number of pictures I can put in my auctions is 12. She must have a special program that she designs her eBay listings in.
  12. Ya, I was impressed too... :smile:
  13. wow. was that a BIN or auction?
  14. It was a 7 day auction and it ended today. The first bid was placed a little over one hour before the auction ended. There were 9 bids placed in total. The seller started the bids at $999, with a reserve price on the auction. I wonder what the reserve was.
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