Red trapeze reveal *v*

  1. This is my first bag from Celine ! Yummy Good Red! Please allow me to share here ! :biggrin:
    image-3238471369.jpg image-2618775200.jpg image-2844141348.jpg image-987934642.jpg image-2232687536.jpg image-211158780.jpg
  2. This is gorgeous! :love: Congrats, great pics too!
  3. beautiful! beautiful! beautiful!
  4. congratulation!!! beautiful choice of colour :smile:
  5. Love it! It's beautiful...enjoy!!

    Sorry I'm a Celine newbie....but does the trapeze only come in 1 size?
  6. :loveeyes: that red is absolutely breathtaking. gorgeous bag, congratulations!
  7. comes in 2 sizes, the smaller trapeze has a detachable shoulder strap as well :smile:
  8. thx!!! :tup:
  9. Congrats! Is it pebble or smooth leather? Thanks!
  10. Lovely
  11. Beautiful bag and love the color! Congrats!
  12. Smooth indeed ! Suede leather on the ears ~
  13. Thanks ladies for urs words ! :biggrin: