Red Totally Turnlock by Marc by MJ Question

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  1. Can anyone who has this bag tell me just how heavy it might be? I really like it, but I might be put off by the weight, as I know that MJ bags are quite substantial in that department. I love the red leather one and am contemplating a purchase, but I was hoping someone could tell me if it was a heavy bag. Thank you!!:P
  2. actually, the turnlock line is REALLY light....not at all like the MJ collection bags. i wouldn't worry about that at all.
  3. Great!!!! That's just what I wanted to hear. All the posts have been so positive about this bag, and I love the red! Thanks!!
  4. I have the black turnlock bowler and it is very light actually. And the leather smells so yummy. I'm still looking for a red one. LOL!!
  5. definitely get it! the leather is sooooo soft but i heard the red is sold out everywhere!
  6. i haven't seen one avail. in a while
  7. They had one up on Eluxury and I should have bought it then. I'm still kicking myself for that one.
  8. You know what?? My husband needs something constructive to do. I think I will instruct him to find one for me himself. He'll have a lot of fun with that! :roflmfao:
  9. they still have it on the bloomingdale webstie for 40% off..
  10. in the red? really!? wow
  11. Is it still on their website? I looked all over and did not see any turnlocks on sale. Thanks for a link or any info.