red timeless clutch... caviar or lambskin?

  1. i've been drooling over selena's red timelss clutch pictures for the last two days, and now i can't take it anymore. :p i really think i need this clutch. ok, i never go out at night so i don't NEED it, but i think it would make a great cosmetic/accessory pouch type of thing that i can use inside my bigger bags. so the question is... should i get one in red caviar leather or red lambskin? what do you guys think? :smile:

    oh, and the price is $895 for caviar and $995 for lambskin, correct?

    TIA for your input!
  2. UGH..I think either one is TDF!!!LOL!
    U cant go wrong either way!!!
    I want one too...hehehe!
  3. I vote for caviar. Although the lambskin is TDF, it's more difficult to "protect" a clutch whereas a handbag can be shielded under your arm most of the time.
  4. I love both, but becuase I'm more careful with a clutch than my shoulder bags or totes - would go with the beautiful Lambskin :love:
  5. i vote for caviar. for some reason, i think the red looks really pretty in caviar
  6. I have the timeless black in lambskin and just love it. Its so soft to carry. So far I haven't had any issues with the softer leather.

    I think if you are only going to use it for special occassions, get the lambskin. But if you want it more durable, and plan on using it more often, and maybe as an every day weekend day purse...go for the caviar.
  7. I vote for caviar... since a clutch always comes in contact with your hand the caviar will hold up a lot better! And it's no less gorgeous than the lambskin version anyway! :heart:
  8. Caviar!! Especially if you might use it IN other bags. More durable.
  9. I couldn't find the lambskin anywhere, but I totally would have gotten lambskin.
  10. caviar for the reasons listed above....beautiful either way!
  11. NM ordered Lambskin Clutch in Red!
  12. I debated over this also (but in black) and went with lambskin. SInce I'll only use it for special occasions, no problem. LOVE THE LAMBSKIN. I just wish it wasn't so fragile. THere are some GORGEOUS bags in lambskin that I just have to walk away from. :sad:
  13. caviar!
  14. Personally I prefer Lamskin (although I prefer lambskin in EVERY bag, lol!) I just find much more pretty and I love the 'smooshiness' of it! So gorgeous!
    Overall though I don't think you can go wrong with either, it's such a beautiful clutch that all in all I don't really think it will make that much of a difference?
  15. Either would be gorgeous. I think I would like to see them both side by side to see which one has a more true color to it. I probably would only use it for special occasions, so I probably would get the lambskin.