red timeless classic flap with new chain

  1. Hi ladies,

    I just got off the phone with my SA at the Neiman Marcus in Charlotte NC. I was looking for the red timeless classic with the new chain in medium. Unfortunately they aren't getting it. But lucky for all of you girls looking for the jumbo---that's what they're getting. The trunk show was yesterday and today so call soon to be put on the list. Ask for Samantha or Natasha at 704-442-7900. Good luck! Anyone know where I can get it in medium?
  2. Try the Chanel boutiques. Call Brendan at 1-212-355-5050:yes:

    I'm gonna hold out and hope to get a Jumbo in lambskin.:smile:
  3. Brendan's was my SA too and ive been very disappointed with him... i ordered a mini classic flap and a black clutch and yes, he came thru. But The mini classic - the threading on the strap was horrible and the black clutch had white spots which i couldnt get rid of. Now he is blacklisted on my list of SA's.
  4. I just put my name down at two different NM locations for the jumbo lambskin in the new red color..yays ( both stores confirmed they are getting this size, leather and color)
  5. btw, I just spoke to Natasha and she said she IS getting the jumbo in lambskin.
  6. Wow, that's too bad you had a bad experience. Did you discuss this with him? Give him the opportunity to make things right?

    Brendan has been nothing but AWESOME with me and everything I've ever purchased through him has been beautiful.
  7. i had a similar experience, but not as bad, the med. classic flap i bought from brandon, had some wrinkling in the inner flap, although it was supposedly new.
  8. OMG!!! That is so scary and disappointing!!! :wtf: Sorry that happened to you... :sad: Were you able to exchange for new ones?
  9. Got a medium in red today. It's so sexy!
  10. Where? Where did you get it? I'm dying here.
  11. Call Nordstrom! They only received two, hurry! Good luck.
  12. :yahoo:
    Let's see a pic!!!!!!!!
  13. I'm about ready to give up. Nordstrom--sold out. Bergdorf---sold out. Neiman's---only getting jumbo. And the boutiques I've called say they didn't purchase the medium red classic with the new chain. I'm so frustrated, but the fact that it's so hard to get makes me want it even more.
  14. I actually have a similar experience too.. whereas I purchased a new reissue (black with silver HW) from him but it has a white spot on it (quite obvious to my eyes) which I cannot get rid of completely and it has some glues on the threads... Anyway I have since returned the bag.
  15. I'm on the list fo a jumbo, thanks!