Red Tango bags at Target ???

  1. I was shopping at Target yesterday and cruised thru the handbag section- in the clearance area they had 2 Red Tango bags, one large blue satchel and a makeup bag. As far as I knew this was a Japanese designer label and available in boutiques- not at mass retailers like Target....... has anyone else seen these ???
  2. Mango Tango at
    Are these the bags you're talking about? They're available on but not in the stores. I'm not familiar with this brand, so I'm not sure if this is correct...
  3. No, definitely Red Tango- I've bought a couple in boutiques so ...... anyway, here is a pic of one of the bags- anyone ever see these in a Target store ??

  4. Now that is a cool looking bag -- at a Target price! You have a GREAT eye MonicaM. Go for it!