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  1. I've just found this site and they sell, among others, Coach bags.
    Has anyone bought through this site before?
    If so, is everything legit - the prices seem quite good.
  2. Don't worry - I've just read their disclaimer that all of the bags are in fact, fakes.
    Thought it was too good to be true!
  3. :idea::yahoo:my opinion is alot of people are goggling, searching and even buying replica, fake, knockoff bags what is the BIG deal I have a closet full of clothes some designer some not i have handbgas some real some fake... i have hnadbags i have purchased at the mall ans some i've purchased at a corner flea market that goes well to the resturant with me to church and anywhere i feel fashionable what is the BIG deal with people that have problems with others that want to spend their earned money on fake, bake or whatever who cares............. sport your style DO YOU !!!!!!
  4. ^You don't see a problem with supporting the drug trade, terrorism and child labor? You must not because the sale of counterfeit handbags has been linked to all of those things. It also infringes on the true designers' intellectual property rights and devalues their product.

    For all of those reasons, tPF and its members do not condone the selling, buying or carrying of fake bags.
  5. why don't they have a "troll" smiley ?
  7. Very well said mokoni!
  8. They do....


    Click the [More] area on the Smilies. It's near the bottom.
  9. :roflmfao:
  10. umm..............

    For once I am speechless! lol
  11. Hmm I love it when their first post is like this... makes you think that they are trying to advertise for something.... Well Welcome..

  12. I hope your kidding? What next? Are you going to try to convince us that buying bootlegged dvd's is acceptable?
  13. Sport your style? Do what? Seriously, that's the most hypocritical thing I've read in ages...Style and sporting it is in NO way associated with fake/knock-off/replica bags. Fake bags are just that...FAKE, and not stylish by any stretch.
    Not only do counterfeit bags contribute to other illegal activities, innocent people buy these pieces of garbage on eBay thinking they are getting the real deal. You think it's ok to dupe people like that? Really??? tsk tsk....
  14. Wow some people are proud about being ghetto and sporting their fake bags knowing they are fakes LOL... go ahead honey please DO YOU. Because the girls on here are much classier than YOU! Shoot if you can't afford a the real deal go to the outlet! Those 80 bucks you spent on a FAKE, you copuld of spent on a REAL bag. Shessh!!! Mods can you close this. I bet it's going to get ugly.
  15. Well said. Sorry guys, but it's true. There's a lot of bad stuff in the fake bag business.
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