Red suit for interview?

  1. I have an interview next week. Now, I've been wearing suits to interviews and various professional functions for years, and I know the basic "rules". I'm finally graduating college and for all of my interviews, I've always worn my trademark black skirt suit (I've changed the blouse colors though).

    This job, however, has by far the highest income potential for any job I have EVER applied for and/or been considered for. It's a business to business sales job within my company and it's in a part of the business that is really up and coming. I am up against three other people for this and I am going to be the last interview of the day (the coordinator just told me my time slot).

    I want to make an impression and I have this beautiful dark cherry red suit I bought but have not yet worn. It's very professional and tasteful and I wouldn't even hesistate to wear it for a professional event or meeting (I just got it not too long ago, just haven't had the occasion yet). Would it be too scandalous to wear red, or could it potentially help me stand out and seal the deal as being posh, fierce, and capable of getting out there and being a great salesperson?
  2. hmmm i would avoid something like that for job interviews. except u're applying for creative or fashion field.

  3. ^^^ I agree
  4. I would wear red. It's a POWER color. I wore red alot when I was working. Considering I was young and a manager I needed people to realize I meant business.
  5. I personally would wear navy or gray to a job interview. I would wear the red suit AFTER I have the job.
  6. I would wear it for sure!

    Especially because I have been looking for the right red suit for about a year -- I always wear pants suits, though.

    Seriously, IMO, wearing a red suit to the interview says that you are confident and in control and ready to break sales records.
  7. I think red is wayyy too bold for an interview. If you want to show that you're fierce and capable, wear a red blouse with your black suit.
  8. Can you post a pic?
  9. I agree. A red suit might be a little too much for the interview, but a red blouse under a black suit would be perfect!
  10. No, never....I took a fashion risk once many years ago and wore an unconventional suit to a big interview...and that was their exact comment to the headhunter I was working with...what was with the suit??? Black, grey, navy is the best way to go. How about a subtle patterned shirt with your solid black suit?