red stam?

  1. i was just curious if the stam came in red? i was out and spotted a girl with a red stam, and it struck me as odd because ive never seen that style bag in that color. i just assume its a fake. of course, i had to be sure to show off my REAL black stam :smile:
  2. apparently its real... look at melly's post under "look what I found" or something to that effect.

    She found a maroon or bordeaux colored one.... dont know if thats the one you saw on this lady.
  3. The closest color would be bordeaux, from fall 05. Those were supposedly long sold out but Melly just found one at NR....

    I'm still in disbelief.
  4. i just checked melly's post. this girls stam wasnt even close to the color of the bag melly found at NR. her bag was red. bright red. :yucky:
  5. ^ ew... then that's a faker for sure!!
  6. i saw two fakes yesterday while shopping at NR. Made me sad.
  7. How easy is it to spot a fake? I have seen loads of people with them but wouldn't know the difference, I know bbags and Chloe's are easy to tell from the leather for one thing just wondering about MJ
  8. i visited my first NR this afternoon. im in love :smile: couldnt find any marc's, but i did find a juicy couture scarf and hat! :yahoo:

  9. ooh! Interesting! then yes.... i agree with you. Fake indeed!
  10. OMG! I just saw a bright red one this past weekend too! I didn't know if it was real or not but she was carrying it around like such a sassypants! Hilarious that it's fake. I hate to be mean about it but it really irritates me. :yucky: