Red Speedy for a pinkish person?

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  1. O.k. Ladies I think I know what the response will be but here goes.

    I am not a red person. I own no red shoes, no red clothes and never wear red nail polish. (I tend to wear pale pink nailpolish).

    However, I love the Epi Red Speedy. I am thinking it can be worn with denim, black, khaki, etc.

    Is is worth an investment when I own nothing red? Unfortunately for me, they no longer make it in myrtille and I don't need black or brown.

    What do you guys think? What would you do?>
  2. do it!!!! i love red epi!
  3. Thats what I received for Christmas. I love it and agree that you can wear it with almost everything. I hope you get it and enjoy it. Happy New Year!
  4. Epi in red is stunning.:love: Will look great with denim and black :yes:
  5. I love the red epi.
  6. Yep go for it!! You never know - you might even find yourself buying a fab pair of red shoes to peep out from under your jeans in the future!!
  7. Go for it! I occasionally see girls wearing red epi around town and it always catches my eye- it looks sleek and sophisticated. Epi is my favorite line, it looks timeless, not trendy, it is subtle, and goes with everything. Looks good with jeans, or office wear, or khakis and a sweater. I've been wearing my black Epi St Jacques a lot lately and I get TONS of compliments on it. Be daring!
  8. red epi is delish and a total classic. goes with EVERYTHING.
  9. I think red looks gorgeous no matter what. It's such a refreshing thing to see a random pop of red somewhere! I never owned a red bag until I got my rouge vernis Biscayne Bay GM and I'm SO glad I's one of my favorite colors :love:
  10. Yes, totally worth it. I'd go for it and I did! Even if it's the only red in your closet it'll still go with a lot of things. I've worn it with white, grey and black coats and it really stands out. I only got mine last month, but it's a year-round type bag for me. I have the Epi speedy 25 in red.:love:
  11. Thank you ladies! Glad to hear you all are enjoying your red bags. I think it's about time I do to!
  12. Do it! It will give your basics such a pop of color! I know you will be in love!
  13. I absolutely love the red epi - I think it goes with black, brown, blue, creme - jeans or dressy black. Someone in the pictures thread had it on with black or blue and a red plaid scarf and it was gorgeous! Go for it! I would much rather have red epi than damier! (AndI bought the damier - arrrggh!)
  14. damier is so classic too though. i LOVE damier.
  15. Yeah i love the damier too. My wish list is a red speedy and a damier pap.