Red speedy 25, golded or silver hardware?

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  1. Just got back from my local LV store. They have one red speedy 25 with golden hardware left. SA told me that the red/golden combination is being discontinued, and there will be only red/silver speedy 25 in the future.

    Should I grab the golden one now or does red/silver look better?

    BTW, SA said she didn't hear anything about a price increase.
  2. I have one with the palladium (silver) hardware because I prefer silver harware. I'm really not a fan of yellow gold hardware or even yellow gold jewelry for that matter. I think the bag looks fabulous with silver or gold. I think it is just a matter of personal preference. Let us know what you decide.
  3. I agree...I think it's a matter of your personal preference. I like some colors better with silver hardware...some better with gold.

    Which means I have to get cracking! LOL
  4. Thank you Kat and Leah. I have asked them to hold the golden one for me. I will go take one more look tomorrow.
  5. For myself..I do like the gold with the red better. :love: I just think it looks richer. I think you'll know which you want for sure when you take another look. It is such a beautiful bag! I am planning to get one soon, too.

    Let us know which you get. And, of pics! :yes:
  6. i :heart: gold on everything better!
  7. I think the red epi looks better with gold hardware. I'm quite sad that they are changing all their epi bags to palladium. If you decide on gold, you better pick it up before it's sold out.
  8. Yeah..for my jewelry, I like the silver/white gold, but for the hardware on bags, I love the "gold" hardware. It makes it so much prettier. I also heard they're changing the hardware on the Suhali bags to the silver as well.
  9. Right now they have both- on elux, they now state the color and hardware as they sometimes have both hardwares in stock.
  10. is the red the same exact color though? On eluxury, I noticed that the "new red" (which is ironically the old red with the gold) and the "silver red" seem to be slightly different. However, when I went to see the epi speedy 25 with the silver hardware, I couldn't tell the difference from the old pieces. What do you guys think?
  11. I don't really think they'd change the whole color of the bag. Sometimes elux's pics are odd since they just photoshop things in..for example, if you switch colors between the white and black MC speedies, you'll see that they just add a black template over the white bag. So I think it's just their pictures..I don't know why they'd change the actual color of the bag.
  12. I like the red speedy with gold hardware. Red looks better with gold hardware IMO. :biggrin:
  13. i'm going to say: the gold hardware... i guess every since i've started looking at LV i'm just use to seeing gold hardware...
  14. I love the new silver on the red bag - that's what mine has and it looks gorgeous!
  15. Both looks great but I like silver hardware better in general.