red soufflot or tulum pm

  1. help me to decide???? I really like the red a nice red?? I have 3 mono canvas bags but, like the hardware on the
  2. They're both really nice but completely different it's more about what will fit into your lifestyle more...
  3. If I were you the Tulum could still be on the list, but with 3 monos I'd go for red. I personally like a little diversity. It's a relatively bright red, but not tacky or anything. I've seen the red soufflot and imo it'd be a nice addition to any collection. I have the speedy 25 version of the new red epi and it's divine!
  4. Both bags are nice... Are you trying to decide based on brass or silver hardware to change your mind?
  5. I can get the brass hardware on the boutique has one left and placed on hold for today so I must is now being phase out for the silver which I do not like....would not buy silver
  6. Don't you have a red vernis cles and a groom agenda with the red?
    If I'm remembering correctly, and you can always get the Tulum, and you have several mono bags, def get the epi in red. I think it would complement your other red pieces, add color ot your collection, help you branch out to other lines, and you like red.
    I've seen the red IRL. it is bright, beautiful, not orangy, but not too blue a red either.
    Good luck and let us pics too!
  7. Why don't you try it on the epi with the golden brass hardware... I think it would look really nice on you especially cause you love vibrant colors... Since you already have 3 classic monos and a gorgeous MC black... Plus you look fabulous with your MC.... IMO:love:
  8. Thank you...the tulum will be there next year plus I have 2 shoulder bags now with the PH and LH...pouchette w/ extender and then the handheld speedy and yes my lovely aureilla which I will not take out in the rain or snow...epi is tempting me because the brass is being phased out so, it is my last chance at one and I am not a fan of silver...

    mickloisme...yes I have a red vernis cles and the groom wallet that is why I was considering red over if I eventually get MC mules a bright red bag may look cute with them as well....ohhhh decisions.....thanks for your input I value it great points
  9. I would get the soufflot in a second, it's gorgeous and I'm like you, love gold/brass hardware. The tulum will be there next year, the soufflot with brass won't.
  10. okay I am going for it the red soufflot.....w/brass hardware....because all of my accessoires have brass hardware...why did they switch to silver anyone with accessories is screwed up they are all mismatched.....go figure

    thanks icechick for your input
  11. Definitely look lovely with your groom and vernis collection...:love: :yes: :yes: :yes:
  12. If they weren't get rid of the brass I could have held off...I want an epi piece but, do not like silver because all my accessoires are in brass and I like things to go together nicely....hope I love it...will keep you I need a winter bag and epi is durable...would hate to ruin all my vachette pieces because of the weather conditions....
  13. I wear the rest if I wear you life's too short and there are soooo many LVs... You have to start enjoying their love by wearing them, than worrying about the vachetta... Only your LH may be bothersome with that bottom.. The rest should be fine... I stopped worrying about it when my first bag was caught in the rain... And nothing happened... I felt silly....:shame:

    Too bad they're making more silver Epi's than the classic golden brassware... I am sure you will love it though. I did when I bought my first yellow epi was :heart: after I taking her home to display with my (mini) wardrobe... that's when the epi bug hit me big time...:love: :love: :love:
  14. THis week I have used my LH, PH and speedy so, they are getting lots of use. I baby my MC aureilla because I want it to look nice for spring with MC mules...I always need an excuse to buy....I carry a different LV bag practically ever day or two...I do not touch my Gucci's unfortunately...LV really suits me....I love to change handbags like clothes carrying the same bag everyday would be like wearing the same outfit everyday for me anyway....enjoying and loving my handbags...the red soufflot will be my 5th LV sooo greedy :P
  15. Red Soufflot!!!! :yes: I just went to LV recently and DH loooved the Red Soufflot. Had I known he would have bought it for me(he waited until we left the mall to ask me why I didn't buy the red one), I would have snatched it up! It's a gorgeous blue based true red. It's not orangey at all. I looove it. I think the older red(the one with the brass hardware) is warmer? I'm not sure, though.