red soles-where to get??

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  1. I haven't seen any posted on ebay in the last few days. Is there anywhere else to order them online? :confused1:
  2. Thank you for the links. I just bought a couple of pair. I want to see how they turn out before I load up! Thanks again.
  3. it's strange how the auction doesn't come up when you search for it. i wonder why?
  4. It comes up when I search for it, so I wonder if it's because its on dot co dot uk and not dot com? Maybe you have to enable 'worldwide' :confused1:
  5. :yahoo:I've past 500 posts :yahoo:
  6. You do have to enable the "worldwide" feature!
    I've also purchased from this seller and they arrived in record time, I just need to find a trusted cobbler to fix up a couple of pairs that I have.

    Panrixx congrats on 500 posts!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  7. ah...i see. thank you.

    congrats on 500+ posts. i'm approaching 100 myself :P.
  8. Thanks everyone! I think I was just searching on the the US ebay thats why they were not coming up.
  9. Just to share this info for those in S'pore. I've found a shoe repair shop that has red rubber soles. They're located @ International Plaza, #01-23
  10. ^ tampachic the link is disabled now because that was back in april, I believe that the red soles are currently out of stock until around 1-2 weeks time when some more (in a better red colour) will be coming available - keep checking back because we will all be on them once they are available again!