RED Soho Disco

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  1. What shade of red is the soho disco? I’ve seen pics & videos online, but I can’t tell the undertones of the red. Some ppl describe it as cherry red. IMO that’s more of a red with blue undertones. But in pics I feel like it’s a tomato red lol. Can someone help me? I have enough cherry red bags so if it’s not an orange warm red, then I should get another color.
  2. I’d say the soho disco is a bluer red. I have the Marmont camera bag in red and it’s a more orange tomato red.
  3. Agree. I wouldn’t call it tomato. It’s a blue, neutral red
  4. To complicate matters there was more than one red known as 'Red'.

    6523 is bright scarlet red (as on Europe's and farfetch) and is the newest version.

    Some sites are obviously using old (previous red) stock photos but I'm presuming you'l still get sent 6523 if you buy it as SDs get sold-out continually. .

    This is 6523 red.

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  5. I have this bag and the color is absolutely gorgeous!! :heart:
    I can’t describe the color but it’s a beautiful red!

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  6. Is this what’s called Tabasco red?
  7. As I said previously I don't think the Selfredges stock pic matched the description and there was no colour code so I can't say for sure. Usually tabasco (as in sauce) is bright, fiery, orange-red which seems to match the 6523 colour code (see above).
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