Red Signature?

  1. I posted it, that's an AWESOME deal on that bag, that red is gorgeous and red signature is really tough to find!
  2. Hey those are both auth(IMO) & red signature is sooo hard to find. I have a Cardinal red small slim duffle style # 3577..I LOVE HER....
  3. Thanks Court for posting that item... It's mine and on it's way soon! :happydance:

    Nanisbabies that duffle must be gorgeous...
  4. i have this one


  5. congrats on your purchase and hello from a fellow rhode islander (i'm in warwick)
  6. I have this one:


    It's my very first Coach and I got in 2001.
  7. i love the red signature. i got one at the outlet over a year ago, but recently gave it to my FSIL. It had suede on it and wasnt in the best shape....kinda wish i would have kept it, but she really loved it and didnt have any coach bags!

  8. Ha, what a small world. I happened to check your profile and noticed your Myspace... I also went to J&W! :p

    And the coin purse...oh I saw it but I wish I hadn't!! Is it worth the price?? :rolleyes:


    I actually saw this one:

    Maybe it's not real?:shrugs:
  9. I remember it came in a satchel. My mom really wanted it.
  10. Love the red...and nice collection! :yes:

  11. likey.......:drool:

    A few months ago, I was looking for a red bag (to match some sneakers that I still have yet to wear) and bought the demi just like am2882 bought, but I ended up selling it because me + demis =:tdown:.
  12. Hmm...because it's too small? I was hoping it would be big enough for my essentials. I usually like big bags but I guess I was figuring I would use it as an evening bag since I wear a lot of black/red.. Hope I won't regret the purchase:push: