Red Shoes?

  1. What do you think of this? I like it but i don't know what to wear with it. I need your opinion please...thanks
    leah.jpg leah2.jpg
  2. to be honest they look very old madam to me.:hrmm:
  3. thanks lilach...hahaha..i don't see it...that means i am not going to buy it...i'm doubting about this shoes too.
  4. yeah, most ferragamo flats are kind of "old ladyish"...try and find a pair that are more modern
  5. I have several pairs of Ferragamo flats. I think they're adorable when worn by young women, especially if your general style isn't too stodgy. They're sort of sweet and unexpected on a 20-something. I like those shoes, I can imagine them looking fabulous with the right outfit! Plus, Ferragamo flats are COMFY!
  6. my mom likes ferragamo flats... she's like 52 though. i prefer coach/mj/chanel flats.
  7. i like marc jacobs, delman, and even beverly feldman for flats, these are a little conservative.
  8. these would be so fabulous with skinny jeans. love ferragamo!
  9. Ferragamo makes a great shoe and did you know these are a classic in their collection? If you like them an outfit can be found!
  10. Reminds me of The Wizard of Oz - "there's no place like home..."
  11. i love red shoes but these are a bit too'conservative' for, i don't really like the heel!it's weird, because i usually love ferragamo shoes...:weird::wacko: