Red shoes... with what?!

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  1. I am really trying to step out of the box with the way I dress, and while I am always attracted to red heels/wedges/flats at the mall, I can never bring myself to buy them because I feel like I'll never feel brave enough to wear them!

    That being said... What colors/ styles of clothes do you wear with your red shoes?
  2. black and white

    or a matching shade of red
  3. Red shoes can be easily paired with neutrals (black, white, tan, navy). I think they look really great with dark denim and a cute top.
    I'd be careful about wearing purple (too red hat club for daily wear), pink, and orange.
  4. Red goes with a lot of colors, but my favorite combo is red and navy blue.
  5. Any neutral-colored clothing. Right now, I'm thinking skinny jeans and a white cami and cardigan.
  6. White or black top

    Grey Jeans

    Red Shoes
  7. I wear my red flats with everything from jeans (dark and light) to printed dresses, through black dress pants to tan walking shorts... I love having red shoes! They make me smile whenever I look down at them :yes:
  8. I agree with the above--any neutrals (denim counts). Personally, I wouldn't mind pairing it with yellow as well.
  9. red shoes look good with almost any color!!! i am kinda weird and LOVE the look of red with deep/gemstone looking purple! especially a deep red (rather than fire engine red, altho that looks nice too). i also like red with a seafoam/light teal. i think it is different and looks great. also i love it with navy a lot too.
  10. You can wear red shoes with almost anything! Yellow, blue, white, black, green, purple, grey...gosh the list goes on. Take the plunge, you'll never look back. ;)
  11. ITA:smile:
  12. I have red patent peep toe mary janes. When I wear them I try to keep everything else relatively dark/basic so they can be the focal point. I wore them as part of an outfit for a photo shoot and they added just enough pop. I always pair them with dark skinny jeans.
  13. I wear red patent heels with my skinny jeans and a cute top. or a black or white skirt..
  14. ooooh yeah that would be really cute!:yes:
  15. For ages I was on the hunt for a perfect pair of red pumps, 'cause I felt with almost any outfit, I needed them. So now I've found them I wear them with practically any outfit/colour, as I love a burst of unexpected colour (no clashes of course), they especially work with grey, white, blue, black, nautical..