Red sealant on leather trim spliting after 1 week

  1. Hi

    I purchased a new BH last week and have used it since Monday. I noticed today that the red sealant that edges the leather is starting to separate slightly by one of the buckle straps (the pointed end part):wtf: It is only very slight, but I know it's like it and I am worried that it will get worse and start to split more in the weeks to come.

    Am I being silly, or should I take it back to the store?

  2. I would take it back, just to make sure
  3. I would exchange it, that will only get worse, great bag by the way.
  4. you are not being silly, take it back and get a perfect one.
  5. WHAT! that should not be happening! Take it back and get another one!
  6. Exchange it especially since you purchase a defective one.
  7. Thanks everyone.

    I will take it back in my lunch break tomorrow:yes:

  8. You can either take it back or have it reglued/reglazed.
  9. Is it just me or have there been a lot of quality-related complaints about BH lately? Eek, sorry about your BH btw - take it back!
  10. Take it back! For the money you spent it should be perfect!
  11. Take it back...
  12. I had the same thought.
  13. I bought mine just after the price drop in Feb and have been using is pretty much every day and it's still looking new... sounds like you just got a bad apple.
  14. I'm pretty sure they will give you a new one if you go back and ask. :smile:
  15. I would take it back! Mine didn't start t do that until about a 1 1/2 years after i got mine!!